Award winning short film about gender inequalities at workplace.


Emma constantly works overtime for her dream position. But finds that no matter how hard she works, still feels underappreciated, especially by her boss Anna. When her colleague John goes up for promotion, Emma raises the question of gender bias.


PRODUCER: Yulia Romanova

DIRECTOR: Aleksandra Czenczek

WRITER:  Gisele Mauvecin

CAST:  Yulia Romanova, Gisele Mauvecin, Jamie Lee-Hill, David Wayman, Gavin Cooper

GENDER official pages and media links:

LB24tv - interview "Play It Out with Yulia Romanova Producer and one of the lead characters of Gender" (11 July 2018)

Top Shorts - interview with Producer and actress Yulia Romanova ( 20/09/2018)


Crime drama  series about Russian and British organised crime in the UK.

Producer: Yulia Romanova

Director: James Bushe

Writer(s): Yulia Romanova, James Bushe

Cast: Yulia Romanova, Scott Hillier, Andrey Rogozin

GENDER (2019)

Feature film based on the award winning short film of same title. 

Life of two young female professionals changes drastically  after one of them stands up for another  to her boss raising gender issues in their company.

Production Company: FilmArt Pictures in partnership with Romanoff Pictures

Leading Cast: Yulia Romanova; Gisele Mauvecin

Director: Agustin Lanus


A late night coach journey turns into a night of terror when it abruptly comes to a halt after hitting a young woman on the road. When one of the passengers runs over to help her, he is suddenly attacked by the woman. With the coach crippled and stranded on a lonely road, the rest of the terrified passengers are forced into a fight for survival as they are attacked by a group of malevolent witches. The desperate group of strangers must face their own fears and come together in a seemingly hopeless struggle against an evil force hell-bent on revenge.

PRODUCERS: Yulia Romanova and James Bushe

DIRECTOR: James Bushe

Writer: Lance S A Nielsen


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